The shack is set  in the middle of a 52 acre site comprising mainly beaches, cliffs and pasture  in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Photographs of the strata in the cliffs 

are used in geological text books, as representing some of the most outstanding examples of chevron folding in the world. When climatic conditions are right, on the beach below  great waves form over the rocky reefs creating one of the finest left hand point breaks in Europe.  This is the home wave of the current UK and European Surf champions..... Not for beginners.

The shack is probably the most outstanding example of a 20th century seaside beach hut in Cornwall. Built in 1929, it has stood the test of time, weathering the frequent violent storms. Now it has been completely restored in a simple and sympathetic way. Insulated from the elements, it is equipped with a wet room, king sized bed and kitchen area. A basic lifestyle in a spectacular location with uninterrupted views of the cornish coast. An experience that allows you to be dominated by nature, only a 4 hour drive from Central London.